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Help & Info about Google Search for Windows 10 for windows

  • What is Google Search for Windows 10?

    This download enables Google to become your default search browser. It allows you to search the Internet directly from the task bar. This is beneficial if you have become accustomed to the ways in which Google performs searches.
  • Is Google Search for Windows 10 safe for me to download?

    This product has been officially developed by Microsoft. You can therefore remain confident that it is completely safe to install and that no viruses are present. Softonic performs additional checks before it is available to download.
  • Will I have to pay to install Google Search for Windows 10?

    There is no charge to install Google Search for Windows 10 onto your operating system. In fact, the majority of bespoke search engines are never associated with any type of fee.
  • Is Google Play compatible with this search engine for Windows 10?

    All Android applications can be accessed through Google Search for Windows 10. Therefore, you will be able to view and download the latest tools as soon as they become available. Simply navigate to the Google Play section within the horizontal menu at the top of the screen.
  • Is there a version of Google Search for other operating systems?

    This search engine has been specifically designed to be used with Microsoft-powered systems. However, there are versions available for older versions of Windows such as Windows 8.
  • Will Google Search for Windows 10 be able to replace the default Bing search engine?

    This is actually one of the main reasons why Search for Windows 10 is desired. Once the download has completed, you will be able to change your settings to enable this engine to be your primary browser.
  • Is a voice search provided by this software?

    One of the most interesting features of this new addition is that it supports voice-activated searches. Assuming that your computer has a microphone, open the application and click on the "Voice Search" icon to begin.
  • Can I turn off the voice-activated option in Google Search for Windows 10?

    If you wish to deactivate this option, find the small arrow icon immediately to the left of the sign-in button. A settings menu will appear (the image of a gear). Choose the voice settings option and select "deactivate".
  • Can I access my email directly from within Google Search for Windows 10?

    The engineers at Microsoft have made it possible for you to access your Google account (including Gmail) from directly within this search engine browser. Simply select the "Sign In" option found on the top right-hand sign of the homepage.
  • Are mobile phones supported by Google Search for Windows 10?

    Google Search for Windows 10 is currently able to work with Android-powered mobile phones. However, it is always wise to confirm that the current version is applicable to your device. In the majority of cases, Softonic automatically detects whether or not this is the case. If there a no issues, you will see a green check mark immediately above the download link.


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